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* Sound Samples *

A few samples of recordings of artists using the studio.
Samples will be alternated irregularly.
Full songs will be available occasionally, when artists allow their use.
Further contact detail for these artists:

Ryan Ellsmore ..... Pop Rock Singer Songwriter

Ryan crafts Pop like a bee makes honey.
Sweet ,sticky, and as addictive as love.
Put together with cruisy performances by friends and family and featuring: Marie-Claire: Violin and Backing Vocals, Pete: Double Bass.
A taste of Ryan in acoustic mode.

Can't Believe My Luck (1.22 MB)

Rebekah's Dream ....Acoustic Pop

Songs from the soul, a great storyteller who will take you the places you wouldn't normally be brave enough to go to.
Raw edgy little songs, put together with the help of some fine friends.

You Say (2.43 MB)

SPACE CIRCUS ....... Quirky Post Neo DaDaPunk

The members of SPACE CIRCUS come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds, scattered across the universe they have indulged in sounds ranging from old school Hardcore Punk, Metal, Glam. Classical, Jazz, Country and all points along the way.
SPACE CIRCUS play an eclectic range of offbeat originals, covering a wide spectrum of genres, and species.

Madmen (1.72 MB)

Brut 66 ............... Tractor Shed Rockers

Mountain bred mayhem, noise to get your bones rattling.
Pedigreed work horses stomping their feet.

Takin It On (676 KB)

Scary Clown ............ Stupid political Pop/Punk Noise

Too many political documentaries and cartoons can be hazardous to your mental health.

Free Country (1.1 MB)

Marie-Claire Ellsmore ....... A Voice From A Chasm

Stop yourself from falling into this track if you can.
Marie-Claire paints a graphic picture of life, with the assistance of Pete Kossen on Double Bass.
From the On The Couch compilation.

Catch Me (1.16 KB)

Ze RobotZ ...................... Inhuman Pop Rockets

A clandestine invasion by tin plated pop rockers from the other side of nowhere.
Mechanotrons in revolt against medocrity.

Warmth of the Sun(567 KB)

Thunderbox .... Bloody Bush Rockin' Garage Trash

What a lot of noise, you've gotta love that.
The sound of boys who refuse to grow up, and why it's a good idea not to.
New school, old school, who cares great bloody rock.

FuckaFuckaFucka (808 KB)

The Minogues.... Mulled Wine Year Round

The sound of waves breaking in your beer glass couldn't be more compelling than this.
North Wall, Angourie, Straddie, take us away.

Sliding (1.45 MB)

Zygomatic Major .... Sibling Chaos

Most families are a bit noisy, but these terrors SCREAM.
Add ferocious Drums, shake this brother and sister then stand back.
Don't ask us our ears are still bleeding.

Company Car (1111 KB)

The Stiffies ............... Bad Boys from the Garage

Cover your ears.
Stiffies have been let loose on Scratch and Bite Records,
COFF IT UP! Compilation, and
Off The Hip Records 'Happy Man Tribute to the Sunnyboys' .
Watch out for their bloody noisy Album release.

The Girl from number Nine (653 KB)

Sibohn ................ Raw Acoustic Songs

Dissent, we love it.
Youthful ideas and raw edged passion, there is a lot more where this comes from.

Hungry (1338 KB)

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