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........... 2015 Things were happening .. Ears open for 2016 ...........

........... Scratch and Bite Records return to the shelves! ...........

Scratch and Bite Records
are getting back on the shelves of discerning Record Stores. New artists including The HonkyTonk Woman, Heather Rose, Urge To Kill Rising, and Neglections are generating nationwide interest. We are also releasing several new artists early in 2014.


Charmed Life


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Scratch and Bite also has the latest "Heather Rose" CD
available at respected record stores and from our order department.

Heather Rose

Back from the Brink!


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Urge To Kill Rising

The Next Asbestos


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Chipped Teeth


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From its Punk Vinyl beginnings to its digital future Scratch and Bite Records will remain an avenue for the previously unheard to be able to spread their words and sounds. Regardless of style and genre Scratch and Bite Records aims to promote original artists.

Independent Record Labels care about music.

Support Independents and they will support you.

Join us on facebook or myspace and link to many of our bands via their photos on our audio page!

More crazy stuff coming your way soon.


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