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SPACE CIRCUS goes ballistic.
SPACE CIRCUS "Space Doubt" E.P. released on the unsuspecting population of Earth quickly consumed. A re-release is coming your way, just behind the next comet.
So to soften the population up unreleased SPACE CIRCUS is being scattered over the planet. DUCK!. and COVER.

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STEVE from ZE ROBOTZ Interviewed by EMILY

E: What two songs of yours are going on COFF IT UP and what are they about?
S: Keys to my Heart and Warmth of the sun. I wrote Keys to my Heart it’s a break-up song. Ryan and I wrote Warmth of the Sun. It’s a song about doing what you like and looking ahead.
E: When and where did your band form?
S: We formed in Coffs around 3 years ago.
E: Who are the other members of your band and if they were animals what animals would they be?
S: Simon would be a Praying mantas, Ryan Ellsmore would be something funny like a monkey. Charlie Davis something quiet like a mouse. Greg the drummer, I don’t know what he’d be but I’ve known him for a long time and we’ve probably had 4 or 5 different bands together.
E: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played with Ze Robots?
S: Probably at Ulong RSL club.
E: What are your bands influences?
S: We all like the Beatles. 60’s pop.
E: What other bands off the compilation do you recommend seeing?
S: All of them.
E: What’s the best or most bizarre memory you have of being in a band?
S: Bellingen RSL club, our friend Bryn was the only person in the crowd, he was pretty drunk and decided to relieve himself in the middle of the dance floor off the table.
E: Who is your main song writer and what do you mainly try and focus your songs on?
S: We all write, and we write just what’s in our heads.
E: What do you think of the music scene in Coffs?
S: It’s getting better, probably the best it’s been in the time I’ve been living here. There are more people doing original music.
E: What makes your bands shows special?
S: Probably the drunken element, the fun, the Devo show and the mateship.
E: What’s your band going to be up to next?
S: To see if we can meet up again and start writing songs.
E: What do you think about downloading music?
S: Yeah it’s cool, I personally don’t do it, I love buying CDs.
E: If you were going to be a tribute band what tribute band would you be?
S: Well it would be Devo wouldn’t it.

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