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Reviewed July 2006

Australia has been responsible for some great acts over the years from The Saints through The Birthday Party, Roaring Jack, Weddings Parties Anything, The Triffids etc. This compilation consisting of young acts from the Coffs coast region of Oz is on the whole a glorious assertion that the country can still produce the goods. Nine acts give it their all offering dirty garage rock, solid hardcore, tough punk metal or delightfully twisted punk pop. With each band popping up twice there’s plenty to savour. Highlights have to include the confrontational slice of gritty garage punk ‘Fucka Fucka Fucka’ by Thunderbox, the abrasive pop punk of Zygomatic Major’s ‘If I Cared’ and the psycho-delic punk of Space Circus, their ‘There’s Faeries In My Ring’ coming across like a twisted X-Ray Spex. Although hardly likely to make much of a splash beyond the Coffs coast, this is most definitely more than a piss in the ocean. A most worthy discovery.
4 out of 5
Review by Sean McGhee

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